The Team


Shaun Kmiecik – Masseur / Personal trainer / Well-being consultant

Shaun started competing in professional weight lifting at the young age of 15. After a successful career spanning 4 years, including the award of a bronze medal at the Polish National Championships, Shaun sustained a serious back injury which prevented him from continuing in this sport. The injury sparked a passion for alternative medicine, massage, personal training and general wellbeing.

Since then, Shaun has been travelling the world in search for an inspiration and new techniques in various countries such as India, Poland, Slovakia, the UK, Ukraine and the USA.

Shaun has 14 years of experience in different types of training, natural therapies and a wide variety of massage techniques including:

  • Sports massage
  • Ayurvedic Yoga massage
  • Trigger points
  • Swedish massage
  • Lymphatic massage
  • Stretching
  • Vacuum cupping therapy
  • Application of herbal oils and extracts

Dr. Vladimir Berestowsky – masseur / vertebrologist (co-founder of PF)

In 1995 Vladimir graduated at Edical University of Polawa in Ukraine as a doctor anaesthesiologist. While studying he was already interested in alternative medicine and had an opportunity to attend some of their courses like Reflexology, Acupuncture and Hirudotherapy.

On the 5th year of university Vladimir sustained knee injury which prevented him from doing sport and continuing with his active life style. At the time the modern medicine offered him only risky surgery but luckily he met on his journey an Eastern medicine Doctor who eventually after many sessions of different alternative treatments, healed his knee.

Experiencing amazing power of nature and alternative medicine, Dr. Vladimir left conventional medicine and continued to deepen his knowledge about alternative medicine and self healing properties of humans body also undertaking post graduate course in Vertebrology. Today with many years of experience Dr. Vladimir is successfully helping people to get to back to their former glory. Treatments from Dr Vladimir also available in Poland:



Matt Pearse – Personal Trainer

Matt is a REPs Level 3 Certified Personal Trainer with significant experience in resistance and core training, as well as sports-related nutrition. An avid fitness enthusiast for the last 8 years, Matt has over 4 years experience working with people from all walks of life and is able to help you achieve a multitude of goals.
As a teenager, Matt achieved significant weight loss himself – losing 3.5 stone and an 8” waist reduction. He managed this through immersing himself in many different aspects of sport, fitness training and martial arts whilst educating himself on proper diet and nutrition. As a result, he has gained wide experience and is skilled at using analysis to tailor programmes and diets to each individual. He offers the very efficient path of achieving peoples goals, whilst genuinely understand and empathise with the physiological and psychological challenges facing people who really want to make a change in their life.
In Sept 2014, he will be attending University to study for a Masters Degree in Nutrition, Endocrinology and Immunology, so Matt is always up to date with the latest knowledge.

Timothy Rogers – Chartered Physiotherapist

Tim is totally fitness orientated, what makes him better than other professional in this field. As chartered physiotherapist he’s specialised in rehabilitation of sports, medical and occupational injuries. In the past he has worked with football and rugby teams as well as being a community physiotherapist for Gloucester NHS, what allowed him to gain great knowledge of musculoskeletal injuries and the most appropriate ways of rehabilitation. By use of massage, various manual and deep tissue techniques, combained with conditioning exercises Tim will help you to achieve all your health targets. At present Tim is undertaking post-graduate acupuncture course.



Monica Barton – Masseuse

Monika has been working as a massage therapist since 2010, dealing with deep muscular pain, stress and tension. Her interest in massage came a long time before gaining qualifications in various forms of massage therapy; having helped family and friends over the years.
Today she is specialized in holistic and relaxation massage.



Agnes Nagy

Agnes has become a certified Callanetics teacher in 2007. During the past years she has helped many people achieve their fitness goals and develop a positive mental attitude towards themselves. She is an inspiring personality with a huge passion for helping others improve their lifestyle and mental attitude. If you attend Agnes’ classes consistently you will become more energetic, your body will feel eased from pain, you will feel stronger and more flexible, and your whole body will start re-shaping in front of your eyes. Callanetics exercises strengthen and stretch all postural and deep muscles, and tone the entire body. The method was designed for every body and for all fitness levels. However, its adaptability should not be mistaken with its capability to challenge even the strongest.

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