Personal Training in Maidenhead and across Berkshire

Personal Training in Maidenhead and across Berkshire

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your fitness level’s are. At Passion Fitness we will tailor your personal training specifically to you, whether you want to lose weight, build up your muscle, recover from an injury or simply live more healthily. We will cover exercise, diet and life style advice. We offer a personal training service in Maidenhead and across Berkshire.

Weight loss

Thanks to a variety of free weight exercise, body weight resistance, cardio vascular training and mostly important, specifically tailored diet, our personal trainer will help you achieve your goals quicker then you ever thought! All you need is a good will and determination! We also offer range of slimming treatments to help you speed up the process. Please check under treatments section

Body building

This is an area where just a personal training qualification isn’t enough. The founder of Passion Fitness Shaun Kmiecik, is an ex-pro weight lifter with 13 years of experience in weight lifting, body building and specific diet for this area. Shaun and his highly trained staff of personal trainers will make sure that you build up your body proportionally, maintaining the correct body posture.

Back pain prevention

Scientific research proves that 80% of population will at least once in their life experience back pain. Many people come to our clinic with back pain. We manage to fix most of them. However their life style and lack of correct exercise to balance it, will cause the pain again. We recommend prevention, and you can be sure that training with our personal trainers will keep you away from pain for good!

Body weight resistance training

Training using your own body weight is the best and the oldest form of exercise! The early gymnasiums were taken over by resistance machines and called ‘fitness clubs’. Now after many years, the professionals have realised that isolating the muscles with machines and some of the free weight exercises are overloading the joints, and even worse, creating disbalance between the core (which is the most important part of our body) and the primary muscle we are targeting, which in course will result in injury. By doing a body weight resistance exercise, you will not only develop nice and healthy physique but also remain joint and back pain free.

”Ring me up” (training with a use of gymnastic rings and your own body)

This is a bunch of exercises from the ” body weight resistance family”. Exercises developed by Shaun to target every possible muscle in the body by using only the gymnastic rings and your own body weight. They are designed to build up a healthy, functional, well coordinated and toned, muscular body. Every exercise (more or less) involves core and this is one of the most important benefits. See my ”Full body workout with gymnastic rings” video.Below, there is a video with one of the most desired skills by men- ”muscle up” …don’t worry that you are not strong enough yet,with Passion Fitness you can do this!

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